I have been lucky to have a very loyal clientele. I train people of all abilities, shapes and sizes. Some clients just want to lose weight and have a healthier, leaner body. Others want to be competitive body builders. Whatever your goals are, I will work with you to craft an exercise routine that get you where you want to be.

Here are quotes from some of my clients:

His aggresive, yet fun workouts and hard work ethic have made him one of the premier personal trainers in New York City.
Rob Piella, Personal Training Manager, Crunch Fitness

Khalid is the first trainer (and I have had many in my life) who actually believed in me. From the moment I met him, not only did he think I could get into shape (and I never thought I could), but he started making me believe in myself -- physically and mentally. Over the last 4 years, my life has changed dramatically. Not only do I look and feel great, I found my self-esteem and the courage to conquer other obstacles in my life.
Jack Aaronson, CEO - The Aaronson Group

It has been an honor and pleasure to with Khalid. He is a "Master Trainer" - a motivator who understands the body and it capabilities and a man with an infectious personality.
Orlando Reece, VP Sales & Marketing - ABC

Khalid has been my personal trainer since 1999. I had worked with trainers previously and have been weight training since 1986. Khalid completely reworked my routine, focused on particular areas of the body that needed more development than others, such as my legs and shoulders, and we have trained together at least twice a week for the last five years. The results Khalid has produced have been nothing short of amazing.
Kevin A, Hall, Esq.

I was 50, overweight and scared -- scared that I couldn't do what was necessary to get into shape since I'd never worked out before. Khalid busted my ass. In the process, however, he not only helped me get into shape, but taught me that I was strong, determined and a fighter.
Marlene Swartz

Khalid is of the highest caliber. He is reliable, dedicated, passionate about his work and the goals of his clients, agreeable, and a pleasure to spend time with. I have had many trainers in the past, but Khalid is by far the best and most professional trainer I've come across. He's terrific.
Liam O'Meara

Training with Khalid is an intense experience; individuals seeking results will embrace his form of athletic condition. His knowledge of and experience in physical conditioning is unparelleled. His focused demeanor, coupled with a great sense of humor, creates a workout environment which is demanding yet fun.
Richard Gormley

For the past four years, Khalid has been my personal trainer. I have achieved tremendous results - I feel like a completely different person, and my friends and colleagues tell me that I look like a different person. I feel and look younger and healthier, and I have extraordinary energy. I buy the clothes that I love, and wear them confidently. The credit for my results goes in large part to Khalid. He knows how to motivate me. He understands my moods and cycles, and he adjusts my workouts accordingly.
Mark Effinger

No other trainer has shown such dedication to my workouts, Khalid cares about my progress. In a nutshell Khalid Sakkat is the 'Dali Lama' of fitness, a professional body guru!
Nicole Michaels

I highly recommend Khalid for his expertise, his motivation, and his demeanor. He is professional, responsive and friendly -- all around an excellent trainer.
Jay DeDapper

Khalid was my first personal trainer and it all started five years ago. In the beginning I knew nothing about training, but he taught me the basics of weight lifting and the beauty of a balanced body. He especially helped me to realize how to keep a healthy mind and a healthy life. Within the last five years my body and soul have become stronger with the help of Khalid.
Toshinori Yonekura

I have been fortunate to train a lot of famous actors, singers and models throughout my career. Here are just a few of my recent clients.

Emma Hemming is an internationally-known model. Here she is on the cover of Glamour Magazine.

Toshi Yonekura is a Japanese pop star who lives in New York. He has been training with me for over 5 years. This is one of his CD covers.

Star of stage and screen, Essie Davis recently appeared in the Broadway show "Jumpers." Here is her picture from the show's Playbill.

Tony Moran is a music producer and DJ. He has worked with Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, and many other famours singers. Here he is on the cover of HX magazine.